Monday 7 November 2016

Our life lately... October 2016

I keep saying it, but this year is flying and I can't quite believe that it's November. October was a pretty great month; not just because it's the start of my favourite time of year, but I've been settling into my new career path and enjoying it, Ethan is doing so well at preschool and hubs is pretty happy with his new job too.

We've all been spending lots of quality time together, working hard but playing hard too.

Here's some of the highlights that October brought, from what we've done to moments we want to remember...

* I snapped up a limited edition Disney X Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh dress and fell madly in love - I haven't yet worn it properly though, so I really need to find a reason to soon!

* Ethan loved Halloween and answered the door to trick or treaters with a tub of sweets to hand out

* I met with a few other lovely Midlands bloggers at a VIP hair salon event and we all fell for the beautiful Anthony John Salon near Lichfield, and had a bit of a pamper which was a real treat

* My mum came to stay for three nights which was great, as she hasn't been to Birmingham for a a few years and this was the longest time that she has spent with Ethan so he was spoilt and they got to really enjoy each other's company

* We had the chance to review a special personalised canvas from Posh Canvas and it's a really nice addition to our home (and a good gift idea too)

* Ethan's been singing a lot this month, and knows the words to his favourite shows

* I've been going to yoga classes each week and have been really enjoying it, starting to feel more confident with the moves and finding it a really good way to relax, so I would like to do more

* Hubs and I had a night off parenting duties and enjoyed the Legends of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses at Symphony Hall Birmingham - and the review I shared saw the return of To Become Dad to my blog!

* I've met up with one of my besties on a Friday night, half way between where we live, for a nice meal and a good chat which has been much needed and is something unfortunately we can't do more of living 100 miles away from each other

* I think it's ok to start thinking about Christmas now (I always like to plan and get a head start on Christmas shopping, but will contain most of my excitement until the start of December) and I popped up a little list of what we're getting Ethan - or should I saw, what Ethan will be bringing him come December 25th

* I've also continued to raise my Instagram game but it is hard work, and although I created three Instagram feeds recently to try and have a clear focus as all the expert advice says, I'm not sure if it is something that works for followers, but I have loved developing and sharing my interests in this way - have a look and see what you think: @tobecomemum / @tobecomestyle@tobecomehome

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