Wednesday 17 October 2018

32 weeks pregnancy update, baby number two

I've made it to 32 weeks in good health, both physical and mental, and am at the stage where we are starting to countdown, rather than counting up as the weeks of this pregnancy go by. As everyone keeps saying, baby could decide to arrive early, so really we are five weeks away from that being a likely possiblility...

Oh. My. Gosh.

We're really are having a baby, aren't we?!

Here's an update on how my pregnancy has been going now that I am well and truly in my third trimester (you can catch up with my pregnancy announcement, 12 week pregnancy update, 18 week pregnancy update AND second trimester post too, to catch up on anything you may have missed)...

How many weeks?

I'm 32 weeks pregnant now, so really not that long to go now...

Appointments so far?

There was a big break between seeing my midwife the first and second time (around 10 weeks) and then there was four weeks or so before my third visit, but I guess it means that I'm not considered high risk and it's normal for you to see your midwife less with a second baby if all appears well.

My second midwife appointment saw me being referred to triage at our hospital, as the midwife took three high blood pressure readings in a row and it's standard practice, to ensure nothing is wrong or there aren't signs of preclampsia to pick up on. We went to the hospital straight away and were quickly seen on the ward, having my blood pressure readings taken a few times, some blood taken (including my 28 week bloods) and another urine sample, so they could check everything out. Within an hour, I had given away my bodily fluids and the initial readings were all fine, but we had to wait for the bloods to come back and then a GP to sign me off.

Everything came back fine, no more high blood pressure readings, and after a further four hours waiting, they finally dismissed me. Nothing to worry about, phew!

I had my third midwife appointment last week and bump measured on the line again, we heard baby's heartbeat for the second time too which was lovely, and fortunately my blood pressure reading was spot on. I will see her again around 34 weeks, then every two weeks until baby comes.

How's baby?

My app tells me baby is close to 18 inches long and around four pounds in weight.

After being so anxious to feel movements back in my 18 week update, I can safely say I have a wriggly baby on my hands! If they're fidgeting on the inside is a hint of what their temperament might be when they are here in the outside world, then we have a little monkey on our hands...!

This baby makes strong movements and is regular as clockwork; I know within minutes of waking up, I will feel some jiggles, that when I sit in the car, they'll do a few kicks, and when I eat, they wake up pretty quickly whilst they tuck into their share of the food. In the evening, after dinner, I sit in the armchair and for up to an hour, my tummy changes shape, with bumps appearing up and down in waves that are quite clear to see.

These past two weeks, they've started to get hiccups, which I can feel deep inside my tummy or even see on the surface, depending on their position. I swear that I could be carrying an octopus though, as I'll often be pushed or get little jabs on opposite sides of my belly, like they are doing jumping jacks!

This week, there has been a couple of sharper jolts or big flips, and I think they've found my ribs too...

I feel very connected with this baby. I honestly think it knows when I am talking directly to it, or about it, or when my mind has drifted to thinking about what they are like and when they will be here. I always get a movement at these times and can often get them to kick on cue, when other people may have to be a bit more patient. It really makes me laugh and I just feel a close bond with this little one, like we really understand each other.

If I rest an arm on bump, I am often batted away! Considering how mischievous they were at my last two scans, I think we have a baby that is pretty strong willed.

How am I feeling?

Touch wood, I am still really enjoying being pregnant. With Ethan, I felt very comfortable in my own skin, more than before bump, and this time is the same. I do think pregnancy agrees with me and I am fortunate that my skin and hair seem to be really healthy - even some areas of my psoriasis have seen a dramatic improvement over the past few months. It's got to be all those hormones!

I am enjoying pregnancy yoga, attending two different classes each week, and I am making a bit more time to read my hypnobirthing book and to use and listen to my Gentle Birthing app (both of which I'll cover in more detail in another post). Practicing my breathing technique, relaxing and calming my mind is all really important if I want to feel more positive about birth this time, and I think that my physical and mental activity is making a difference so I should be in a much better position this time around. Here's hoping!

I feel really happy and content right now - being my favourite season helps - and the reality of us having another baby, and our family expanding, is starting to sink in. I do have to pinch myself though, as I just can't imagine what it's going to be like.

Any symptoms?

My sleeping is still going well, although I do go to the toilet about twice a night and have found myself waking up and staying awake more. I use a V-shaped pregnancy pillow to support my back and put between my legs, to help with my hip comfort, and have a wedged foam pillow too that I put under my bump, on my side, to give support and stop me rolling forward - it's like a door stop, but it really helps!

Being bigger now, after sitting for some time, I can feel a dull pain in my right hip, and in the mornings when I get out of bed, I feel like I can really feel that my pelvis is adjusting. There's more pressure down there, and being on my feet at work a lot means I can feel it at the end of the day, or when I stop for a moment.

I have had a little bit of breathlessness and the heartburn is hitting a bit more frequently now - all due to baby squishing it's way into every available corner, I guess.

Thoughts, ideas and plans

We cleared out the nursery a month ago and in the next two weeks, I am determined to get into full nesting mode. We bought a travel system (I MUST write a post about this, as I have had so many questions and comments from sharing photos and updates on Instagram and Facebook) and I think we have a lot of essentials. There's a couple of things on our gift list, we need to buy a new monitor and I have a fair few clothes, but could do with doing a 'stock check'. Some clothes from Ethan's baby days are good for us to use again, so I have one bag of laundry to do for this, then I'll sort the clothes into size order baskets in the nursery cupboard, to help see if anything is missing.

I am keen on getting a Snuzpod 3, so if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions to make, please send them my way as this is the only real big thing we have to think about now. A nursery chair here, a changing mat there, and I think we will almost be sorted.

Oh, and we should think about packing some bags! I am seriously considering opting for a home birth, or at least having this down as an option, with the midwife led birthing centre as the next stop. It comes down to how I got into quite a negative head space last time around, and knowing more about the process and understanding what happened with my first birth more has helped me to understand what I can and can't control, and to be more prepared.

I'll share some more thoughts on this soon, as we start to choose options.


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