Saturday, 21 April 2018

Your phobias and you

Having a phobia is a common thing. It could be completely irrational, and you have no clue where it stems from, or it could be from a traumatic experience as a child and you’ve not been able to move on from it. Whether your fear is a trip to the dentist, a fear of flying, needles, dogs, clowns or spiders – it might seem like something you’ll never get over. But everyone who has a phobia has the capacity to overcome it!

* Written in collaboration with Weybridge Dental

While some might tell you to tackle your fear of dogs by simply petting one or facing your fear of the dentist by heading to a professional and highly recommended practice like, for those of us with deep rooted phobias, it’s not as simple as that.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

How To Survive Your First Family Holiday Abroad

It’s safe to say that every year is a busy year. Even when you think that you’re going to slow down a little, it never seems to happen - especially when you have small children. So, you’re always going to want to be able to enjoy a break away from the stresses of everyday life.

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When your kids are very small, you often want to stay in the UK, just to test the waters with holidaying, to begin with. But before long, you’ll want to travel a little more, explore different locations, and generally get out and chase the sun! 

When you’ve not been abroad together as a family before, you can often get a little weary. You’ll wonder if taking the little ones abroad is every a good idea! And it always is, because it’s nice to enjoy family holidays together. So if you’re starting to think about going on yours, here’s what you need to do.

Monday, 16 April 2018

An Aldi haul from their Baby and Toddler event

Spring has sprung, the weather is getting better and there seems to be babies springing up everywhere. So it must mean that it's time for Aldi's hugely popular Baby and Toddler Specialbuy event!

* Post in collaboration with Aldi

Online TODAY and in store from Thursday (19th April 2018), now is a great time to stock up and grab a bargain for the babies and toddlers in your life. Aldi got in touch to give me the lowdown on the latest special buys you can expect to see, and I have a few things to share with you, especially as I have a couple of friends and family members looking forward to welcoming their bundles of joy soon.

Here's a few things I have found that I just LOVE and think you will too (especially the prices)...


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Snack time for avocado addicts

Hands up, who is an avocado addict? * ME! ME! * It's the favoured food of Millennials apparently and the humble avocado has become much loved by many a food lover and I simply can't get enough of it. I like it on toast, in a salad and LOVE it as guacamole - I've even blended it in smoothies for a creamy and healthy drink.

So, imagine my joy when I learned of a new avocado based snack. 

Snackamolé is a new avocado based snack that delivers you one of your five a day in a convenient pack that you can enjoy at your desk, on a picnic or on the go. In two varieties, you can choose between a Chunky Avocado Dip or a smoother, zingier Guacamole Dip, both of which come with popped paprika flavour chips.


Monday, 9 April 2018

500 pairs of tickets to give away to Grand Designs Live!

I absolutely love interiors and can spend hours on Pinterest, Instagram and flicking through home improvement magazines for inspiration for our own home. I love seeing what's new for the season and every year or two we plan a bigger home renovation project, so we're always looking out for what's new and expert advice.

If you're like me, I have something very exciting to share with you today...

To Become Mum has teamed up with Grand Designs Live to give you the chance to claim one of  500 - yes 500! - free pairs of tickets, worth up to £34 each, to the UK’s leading contemporary home show – Grand Designs Live at the ExCeL, proudly sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements. 


Sunday, 8 April 2018

#MySundayPhoto - star of the holidays

We've done lots of things together during the Easter holidays so far, with my week off with Ethan, and I've managed to get lots of snaps of my little guy out and about and exploring.

I've picked this one for My Sunday Photo because I like the detail picked up in the starfish, when we visited the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham, and how Ethan is in the background. I also loved some of the photos from our visit to Becketts Farm, but decided to stick to the one this time.


Friday, 6 April 2018

#LifeLately - Our Easter holidays so far... and our plans for next week

Ste and I have split the Easter holidays between us so we can both have some quality time with Ethan and make our annual leave go that little bit further to cover as much as we have to throughout the year. This has been my week and here is what we have got up to, and what we are planning for the second week of half term (you can read my top 5 tips for the Midlands here on the Free Radio website)...

Good Friday
We had a slow start then went into Birmingham to Town Hall to see Tiddler and Other Terrific Tales - another fun family show, really worth checking out their what's on list as there's always something different to enjoy.


Thursday, 5 April 2018

Baby animals at Becketts Farm

Today, I took Ethan to visit Becketts Farm - in Wythall, south of Birmingham City Centre - as they have a marquee for the Easter holidays full of farm animals, including baby chicks, lambs and goats. What better way to spend a morning or afternoon this half term?

I have passed Becketts Farm Shop and Restaurant a few times but had never been. I saw they were offering the chance to meet new additions to their farm animal family for just £1 entry per person (under 1's free) and knew this was something to add to the list for our Easter activities.


Our love of TV and films, and of Alexa!

Stephen and I first met when we were at uni and both started working at Blockbuster (remember them?!). We 'clicked' over our love for film and it quickly became one of our favourite pastimes; going to the cinema to see the latest release and building a pretty huge DVD collection. Between us, and using our Blockbuster discount in the beginning, we amassed around 700 DVD's. Then came the Blu-rays. Then the 4K HD discs.

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We're quite a techy family, with various consoles (it's hubs' main passion, don't ask me to tell you which ones we have!) and subscriptions to Netflix, Now and Amazon Prime. Oh, and we welcomed Alexa to our home with our Google Dot over a year ago, and she even helps control our Philips Hue lights around the house.

Talk about living in the future!


Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Spring cleaning

Around this time every year, we have some kind of DIY project on our hands, be it our big lounge makeover, refreshing our hallway or making some updates to our bedroom, or at least a big clean. Well, it's a good time to get some housework done, right?! 

Clear the clutter, sweep away the cobwebs and welcome in the lighter, brighter days. Hear hear!

Whilst we have no DIY plans at the moment, it would be good to use some of the time we have off at home to sort a few things out (our spare room comes to mind...) and I do enjoy stocking up on my cleaning bits and bobs. Might be a bit sad to admit it, but I do love having a stocked cupboard with all the things we need to keep the house spic and span.

Thanks to Marigold, we have everything we need to put some elbow grease into our home and get things sparkling clean.

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