Tuesday 4 December 2018

39 week pregnancy update, baby number two

So, I've made it to maternity leave! I am 39 plus 3 days pregnant today, and two days into maternity leave, so finding my groove whilst also spending every other minute wondering how much longer I have left...

I'm feeling good, baby seems to be very content, and if anything, getting even more active. I am seeing my midwife later so will find out which way they are facing and to check things are on track, then it's on with the waiting game.

I went into labour three days earlier than my due date with Ethan, then he was born two days earlier - so if this baby follows the same pattern, tomorrow could be the day...

Just madness.

Here's an update on how I have been doing since my 32 week pregnancy update...

How many weeks?

I'm 39 weeks plus 3 days pregnant now, so feel very much like a ticking time bomb and there's definitely going to be a baby here within the next two weeks...

Appointments so far?

With my last three midwife appointments, I ended up being referred to triage at our hospital, twice, as the midwife took three high blood pressure readings in a row and it's standard practice, to ensure nothing is wrong or there aren't signs of preclampsia to pick up on.

My last visit, three weeks ago, I was more prepared for having been referred before and then finding out that everything was ok. I went home first and packed some food and things, just to be on the safe side, and headed into a quiet ward at 7pm. Three hours later, I was home. I was taken care of by around six midwives in this time, as they weren't busy and were very attentive, and had bloods taken, a trace done on baby's heartbeat and several blood pressure readings; all of which came back fine. The only thing that was a concern was traces of ketones in my urine, which can be a sign of diabetes I believe. I'd had a busy day and didn't really eat well, or drink enough, so this could have been a cause - so they fed my up with sandwiches, tea, orange juice, fruit and yoghurt (I thought I was going to burst!) and took another sample to make sure the reading came down. And it did, which was a relief as I would have had to stay in overnight otherwise. All was well, and I was told to take better care of myself.


Baby bump has measured right on the middle line each time and they have a nice strong heartbeat, so all indications show that they're doing what they should be doing. Let's hope it's the same when I see the midwife today!

How's baby?

Baby is almost fully grown now, anywhere from seven pounds by anyone's estimations, and according to my app, they're skin is getting nice and soft. The development stages are all pretty much complete, so it's just how long they want to stay in there for.

They really do like having a wriggle, and are still very predictable so I know when to expect their movements. In the evenings, they have a full on party in my tummy from around 7pm for one to three hours, with pronounced movements and jabs. Sometimes I think they're doing jumping jacks, other times a lump pops out near the top, to the right as I see it, which I think my be a foot.

They still get hiccups as least once a day and respond well to my voice.

How am I feeling?

I'm glad to be on maternity leave now. I was feeling heavy and the routine of school runs and work did take its toll some days. But I knew I had to keep on going, it's just my way, and now I can relax knowing we've made it to December, that lots of things have been sorted out and we are as prepared as we can be.

I have been continuing my pregnancy yoga, although had to miss a few over the past couple of weeks due to being away or not getting home in time, but the techniques have made a real difference, mentally probably as much as physically, and it's been nice to meet other expectant mums.

Every ache, twinge, cramp, movement etc. has me wondering. As I type this, I can feel a real pressure lower down. But when anything like this happens, it seems to pass quickly and I just think it's me being hyper aware of every little thing. Because there's no way of knowing how long we have to wait, everything I do every day has me wondering if it's the last time I will do it before baby comes - last time I paint my nails, last time I fill up the car at the petrol station, last time I drop Ethan off at school with a bump and not a baby... last blog post??

Any symptoms?

I get up at least twice in the night to go to the loo, and can be awake for a while before and after, but I think the pregnancy insomnia is starting to ease off.

Sitting in the armchair or on the sofa, in the evening in particular, can be really uncomfortable for me now - there's just nowhere for bump to go! Lying down is by far the most comfortable position for me, still using my pregnancy pillow and wedge to support bump and my back, and to keep my hips aligned.

Heartburn has come back, day and night, and I have one Rennie a day or so when it gets too much.

Around three weeks ago, I noticed that there were some stretchmarks on my tummy that were turning red, as my skin stretches even further. I also spotted about two weeks ago horizontal stretchmarks, red / purple in colour, at the top of my bump, as I look down. I think my skin hasn't got much more to give! My belly button is flat and I think the bump is getting lower, just under the weight of it all.

Thoughts, ideas and plans

The nursery is complete now. I went to see my parents last month, and whilst away, hubs freshened up the paint in the nursery and put the cot bed back together (we have a changing station that sits over it, so needed it to be set up, and the inside is proving a good space for us to store Christmas presents and the hospital bags).

Yes, the hospital bags are packed and the car seat is even in the car! Although, the bags have been packed for a few weeks, so much so I keep thinking of things to add so I might have to bring them in again to check and repack!!

We moved the wardrobe round in our room to make room for the Snuzpod 3, and this is all set up too in our room. I bought a cot organiser in grey to match on Amazon, which has more useful storage pockets than the Snuz version, and was half the price. There are now nappy supplies / caddies all over - in our room, the nursery, the lounge, the car - so we have all bases covered!

Baby's clothes are sorted in the cupboard, we've added some new decorations to the nursery, we've bought the last few things like a baby bath and a birthing ball, so we really do just need a baby now.

And that is the strangest thing. I cannot get my head around the fact that we will be a family of four soon, possibly really soon. I can't imagine what they look like, how they will feel, what it will be like.

Ethan is very excited, still. He hugs bump, talks to baby and seems to be excited for their arrival. He's very affectionate and tries to help me too, offering a hand when I try to get out of a chair. It's going to be an adjustment for everyone and who knows how Ethan will really feel when baby arrives, but we are as prepared as we can be and with the Christmas holidays coming up, we should have a bit of time to adjust to baby, whilst Ethan is still at school, and then quality time all together over the break, to get used to our new family unit.

The Christmas decorations are up so I am looking forward to a festive family hibernation period when baby does decide to come. I am in no hurry but I am also so curious too. Torn between wanting to soak up these days, as it could be my last pregnancy and I do love having my bump, and then dreaming of what our bundle will be like.

Somebody pinch me - it doesn't feel real at all.


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