Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Ultimate Guide for A Family Trip to Disneyland Paris

A family holiday to Disneyland Paris is the experience of a lifetime for both children and parents, yet they can require quite a lot of planning. The opportunities are endless at Disneyland Paris and you have the chance to experience the unique magical atmosphere that exists in one of the world’s greatest theme parks.

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Here is the ultimate guide on how to plan a family trip to Disneyland Paris, to ensure that you and your children make the most of the place where dreams really do come true.  

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Sullivan so far - three month update, baby number two

So, our little Sulley bear is three whole months old now - THREE! - and is just the sweetest soul ever. His face lights up with ease when he sees us, he's cooing all the time, making a good effort with grabbing for things and still sticking to the same routine, which helps as he is predictable, and we can't really complain about a thing.

You can read his five week update and two month update posts, but now it's time for Sullivan's three month update:


Monday, 18 March 2019

Loads of laughs at THSH

This past week alone, there's been two comedy events right up my street at Town Hall and Symphony Hall Birmingham and as blogger ambassador, I was excited to review them.


Friday, 15 March 2019

The Siblings Project - Ethan & Sullivan, February and March 2019

Ethan is still completely besotted with Sullivan and it's clear that the feeling in mutual. Their first month together went well, as they got to know each other and Ethan got used to being a big brother, and there being a baby in the house, for the first time.

And since then, their bond has only grown.

We are so proud of Ethan and how he has taken it all in his stride. He is a very caring boy, don't get me wrong, and was very interested and excited throughout my pregnancy. But I guess you never know how a child will react when a sibling comes along and with Ethan being five and a half when Sullivan came into the world, we did wonder if it might take some adjusting for him.

Three months in and Ethan still thinks Sulley is the best thing since sliced bread. Making up nicknames for him, giving him a fuss, barging into our bedroom in the morning just to see his baby brother, picking out toys he think he will like (of course, Sulley just stares wide-eyed at anything he is shown!).

As Sullivan's eyesight and awareness has grown stronger, he is working us all out and he turns when one of us walks into the room, or if he hears us speak. Especially Ethan. When he hears Ethan talk to him, his face lights up and Ethan seems to love making his brother smile and gurgle.

It's wonderful to see them together and to see how Ethan is doing in his big brother role. Long may it continue this way...!

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Make mum say 'I just love it!' this Mother's Day - Rose Gold Personalised Picture Frame review

Mother's Day is just around the corner so if you're looking for some inspiration, I have a beautiful, personalised gift idea perfect to make any mum smile - a rose gold picture frame, complete with personalised engraving detail, from

When it comes to buying presents for any special occasion, I always tend to favour personalised gifts and love finding new places to shop and fun new gift ideas. Especially when you have no idea what to buy something, opting for something personalised is a great way to give a gift they will treasure and I think it shows just how much thought you have put into it too.

My Mum is one of those that always says she doesn't want anything, for her birthday, let alone for Mother's Day. In addition so some nice flowers or a potted plant when I next see her, I will be giving her something that she hasn't asked for but something I know she will love. kindly sent me this customised picture frame and I am so happy with it. It's a simple, sleek design in on-trend rose gold finish (which I have a real thing for) and you can add a personal inscription at the top and bottom to turn this into a unique gift.


Monday, 11 March 2019

Keeping our family car organised - competition to win a Surdoca car seat organiser!

With our family growing recently, a new car was on the cards and this week, we picked up our new wheels, which offer us more boot space and more room in general, so we're pretty pleased - especially as we travel regularly, to see friends and family or go on a staycation, so we were desperate for a bigger car that could carry all our stuff. Kids - babies, in particular - come with a lot of things, a lot of bulky things!

* Gifted / content collaboration

Because the car is new, I am more keen than ever to keep it clean and tidy. I am the main driver in the family and I am amazed at how quickly clutter can accumulate in our car, so everyone has a responsibility to look after it.

I even bought a new car seat for Ethan, because his was looking a bit grotty and I wanted a nice new seat that matched the interior. I know, I know... but this car looks so lovely, I am determined to ensure it stays looking its best!

Another new addition for our new wheels is this fab back of car seat organiser, from Surdoca. Perfect for families, I have put this on the back of hubs' chair so that it is positioned in front of Ethan and gives him somewhere to keep his drink, his toys and the odd snack (if he can be trusted...) within reach.


Saturday, 9 March 2019

Visiting Bright Minds Daycare, Jewellery Quarter, and why nursery can provide a bright start for little ones

When Ethan was small, I returned to work four days a week when he turned eight months old, and this soon became full time when I realised I'd spend my day at home with him on emails anyway. We always knew I was going to be a working mum and nursery was the option for us as we didn't have family who could help and we were keen for him to socialise and be around other babies and then children his age.

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When you become a parent, you want to do your best by your child and no doubt have read up about every which way of taking care of them. But you learn on the job, and you become the expert on your baby. For me, as Ethan got older, I knew there would be a limit on the experiences I would be able to offer him - after all, I have no formal qualifications to look after a child, so I really thought to myself, what do I know?! - and I was keen to introduce him to some structured learning in an environment beyond what we could offer.

So whilst the first day of nursery was really hard (for me), and days following on from that, I soon saw how much he was benefiting from his new routine, new pals and new stimulation.

And if I were to sum up the brand new Bright Minds Daycare nursery at Summer Hill Terrace, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, it would be just that - stimulating.


Monday, 4 March 2019

How to use hair chalk - from parties and festivals to World Book Day

I am a child of the nineties and have fond memories of the days where body glitter and hair mascara were the go-to looks for teenagers. Fast forward to today, and whilst the beauty faux pas of my youth are behind me, there are some trends that have evolved and one is temporary hair colour. Forget the sun-in and spray in colours - the kids (and big kids) of today can use hair chalk to add a flash of colour or change their look, be it for a party, a festival or even for World Book Day, which is later this week.

I was kindly sent some fab hair chalk pens by Pixielots, which come in a set of 12 different colours of the rainbow, and launch this month at just £14.99 (although they're currently on offer for £9.99). I wanted to share them on here as they are super fun, easy to use and could be just the thing if you have children who like to dress up or if you're the one that wants to get a bit creative.

Having recently gone blonder, these hair chalks show up really well on my locks and are easy to apply, wet or dry.

Great for a pop of colour for a party or if you're off to a festival this summer, you could get really creative with them, especially if you're able to style your hair (I can't even manage a proper plait!) as you could shade different sections, or the ends, to a colour of your choosing.

They wash out really easily, and work on all hair shades, so are worth looking into - if you want to change up your look, or perhaps if you're looking for a safe, quick and non-permanent way to get into character. Great if you're recreating a favourite character for World Book Day!

Follow PIXIELOTS on Instagram for more hair chalk inspiration.

* I was sent these chalks free of charge, but under no obligation to review on my blog.

Friday, 22 February 2019

5 Fun Ideas for a Family Trip to the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the world's favorite destinations for tourists and business people. Being a place that is rich in history, the United Kingdom is one of the most amazing places to be. With some of the oldest and famous cities in the world, a trip to the UK is meaningless if you do not do the following...

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Sullivan so far - two month update, baby boy number two

Our second baby boy has just turned two months old this week and every day, his personality is developing and we are getting to know our little Sulley bear more and more.

You can read his five week update here, and now it's time for Sullivan's two month update (read Ethan's here):


Thursday, 21 February 2019

5 Health Tips For Seniors

We all yearn to have a perfectly healthy body. With most youngsters suffering from obesity and related conditions, there is a reason for concern, and especially once the said individuals approach seniorhood.  Most of these health-related conditions are as a result of heavy drinking and leading a sedentary life. Learning to take care of your body and health holds the key to leading an illness-free life in the future.

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While youngsters may not care about their health, older persons need to be careful with their health. This is because the body's ability to replenish and repair continues to fade as we get older. Leading a carefree life will only bring about serious health issues in the future, which is why you need to switch to a positive lifestyle. Outlined below are a few ideas and tips on how seniors can take care of their body for optimal health.


Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Half term fun at intu Merry Hill - and why it's great for families

We're midway through February half term and I haven't been driven completely mad... yet! I've tried to plan an activity each day to get us out and about and so Ethan has specific experiences and memories to take away - and yesterday, he met two beloved characters of his, which indeed made for a memorable day.
Photo by Shine Pix

intu Merry Hill had a very special guest for the day - Paddington - who was at the shopping centre for one day only, meeting happy children, posing for photos and giving out jars of marmalade to shoppers like us. 

Does Your Child Need A Maths Tutor?

We were all young students once and we also remember the days when we had to sit and learn math. It's a known fact that most students have great difficulty understanding mathematical concepts, but ignoring the problem can negatively impact a child's psyche. You may have even attempted to offer your own help with little in the way of positive results. Teaching a child math involves patience as well as a solid understanding of the subject.

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How can you help your child, you ask?

Getting your child the help he or she needs is as simple as hiring a maths tutor. In fact, one to one tuition offers a wealth of overlooked benefits we'll discuss below.


Tuesday, 19 February 2019

A Guide - How to Balance Working from Home with Motherhood

Working from home is worthwhile for new mums who want to earn but don’t want to sacrifice time with their newborns. Being a work-from-home mum does come with its fair share of problems, though. If the right kind of balance isn’t achieved with regards to this kind of venture, everything can become incredibly difficult, incredibly quickly.

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To see what you can do to balance working from home with being a mother, consider the following guide:

Find ways to relieve your tension

Having to get on with your workload while dealing with the wants and needs of your child will stretch you thin. If you’re not careful, it will stretch you to the point where you are stressed and unhappy.

To avoid packing your work-from-home venture in before it’s gotgoing, you have to take looking after yourself very seriously. More to the point, you have to find ways to relieve your tension throughout each working day. It can be five minutes spent here and there watching a video on the Internet or it can entail you taking twenty minutes to yourself every few hours to sit down and have a cup of tea — whatever helps you to escape from all of your stresses, make sure you find the time to indulge in it. If this means taking on less work or easier deadlines, then so be it. If you’re tense, your work won’t be up to the standard required, and that’ll only ever see you worse off with regards to your career.

Have the equipment you need on hand

You’re going to make this venture even more difficult than it already is if you’re constantly having to leave the house in search of the equipment you need to do your job, so make sure everything is always within your reach.

Here are some of the basic tools you should have on hand at all times:

• A laptop, desktop computer, and/or tablet
• A printer, scanner and spare ink cartridges — you can source quality printing equipment and goods for a reasonable price at Cartridge People
• A dedicated phone line
• A strong Internet connection

Be flexible at all times

Flexibility is key if you’re going to make working from home and being a parent at the same time work for you. This means that you have to keep your schedule as open as you possibly can, mainly because you never know what problems are going to befall you. Your child could have a particularly difficult night sleep, for instance, which forces you to get up and start your working day later. Being able to work whenever you can, makes it much easier and less stressful. 

If you have a flexible timetable, the hours missed in the morning will not impact your day too much going forward. Of course, you can also rely on family to help you look after your children, or if they are at school, work during school hours and finish before they return home.

Monday, 18 February 2019

3 tips for making your money go further when on maternity leave

Planning for a baby and then going on maternity leave involves a lot of planning, and is likely to be an expensive time for you as you accommodate for your new bundle of joy whilst also ensuring you have enough to cover your monthly expenses. We all know how hard it can be to resist those cute, tiny baby clothes, but before you know it, you could be working away through any savings you have quicker than you would like - with months still to do before you return to work!

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With this being my second baby, I have learnt from experience and found a few things to help me make my money go further during this maternity leave period.


Thursday, 14 February 2019

Visiting Cornwall: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip A Visit to the County

Culturally unique and a mostly water bound county full of legends and myths, Cornwall in South West England is a beautiful place with rich historical values. Cornwall holidays are inherently relaxing, peaceful and informative at the same time,and just in case you have never paid a visit to the homeland of the Cornish people, here are five reasons why you shouldchange that as soon as possible.

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The Beautiful Beaches
There are over 400 beaches in the county and almost every one of them is well-kept and worth a visit. However, since you will never really be able to visit even a quarter of that in one outing, try to make sure that you at least don’t miss out on experiencing a few hours at the Kynance CoveMawgan Porth Beach, and Harlyn Bay. Some of them are more crowded than others, but the beaches in Cornwall are seldom too crowded for comfort.


Half term plans: Paddington is coming to intu Merry Hill

  • Next week is half term for us and I am planning ahead to think about what we can do in and around Birmingham, as it will be the first time that I have this particular half term off with Ethan, and the first time I will have both my boys to entertain and take care of.
Wish me luck!

One of the things on our list is visiting intu Merry Hill, for a shopping and coffee date with the little men in my life, and because if you go down to intu on Tuesday, you're in for a big surprise...

Paddington is coming!

* AD - brand collaboration

Here's all you need to know about the event - and be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can follow my stories on the day, meeting the marmalade loving character himself.

Marmalade sandwiches at the ready... Paddington is visiting intu Merry Hill this half term!

  • Venue: Lower mall near Customer Services
  • When: ( - )

Everyone's favourite bear, Paddington will be stopping by at the centre on Tuesday 19 February.
The much-loved children's character will be making appearances at intervals throughout the day between 11am and 3pm.
Famous for his love of marmalade, Paddington has delighted children and families all over the world for more than 60 years, his adventures have been adapted several times for television and in 2014 Paddington even made his debut onto the big screen!  A second Paddington film launched in 2017.

Come and join Paddington's latest adventure when he visits intu Merry Hill this February half term.


Paddington teddies are being given away to the first 200 people who sign up to intu Family Club during February half term (Monday 18th to Friday 22nd). What is the intu Family Club? Well, it's an easy way to fast track you and your family to benefiting from exclusive offers and discounts, a gift for your little one, a membership pack, a magazine and much more - and it's completely free to join! 

Marmalade the Mammoth with also be there throughout the week - find out about when we first met Marmalade ourselves last year.

So, what are you waiting for? Maybe we will see you there...


Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Our slumber style - new pyjamas from The Pyjama Factory

Being on maternity leave, I think I have a free pass to stay in my pyjamas a little bit longer - if it’s ok for Sullivan, it’s ok for me too, right?!

We are big fans of being comfy and spend Saturday mornings slowly easing into the weekend and not in all too big a rush to get dressed. I love buying new PJs and they’re the first thing I put on when I get home - I just like to get home and feel relaxed.

Another thing to know about me is I am a Harry Potter fan and I’m hoping that my boys will be good. Ethan’s watched the first couple of films and now he’s learning to read and doing well, he’s started to look at my collection of books. We also went to the studio tour last year, Ethan dressed as the boy who lived himself, so it’s safe to see he’s a Potterhead in the making.


If You're Experiencing Mental Illness, This is What You Need to Know About ESAs (Including How to Get One)

Mental illness is a serious issue in this country. This huge health problem affects around 1 in 3 people at some time in their lives - and these are statistics that include the entire world population! Feeling that you are unwell mentally can seem like a hugely isolating experience, but in reality, you are not alone. These days, the stigma of mental illness is slowly being broken down, and there are more effective treatment options available than ever before. 

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If you believe you may be experiencing or have been diagnosed with a mental illness, then this article is for you. One of the most exciting new developments in treating mental illnesses is as surprising as it is cute: the use of emotional support animals. Here, we go through what you need to know about this amazing form of therapy, how it can help you and the simple process for getting an ESA to help heal your mental health condition. 


Friday, 8 February 2019

A comedy club for Birmingham parents at Symphony Hall

Getting out and about when you have a baby is really important and now that we are starting to find out feet a little with Sullivan being seven weeks old, I am looking at things we can do together and new experiences to try.

The lovely team at Town Hall Symphony Hall Birmingham has been keeping me posted on their family friendly events (and other things they think will be up my street), as their proud blogger ambassador, which is how I've learnt about a new comedy club for parents. That's right, comedy events you can go to during the day and enjoy some adult entertainment whilst your baby plays!

It's such a great idea and something different to add to my maternity leave 'must do' list.

Here's all the details in case this is something you'd enjoy going to too...

A new comedy club for Birmingham parents comes to Symphony Hall

Families can enjoy a different kind of day out with Bring Your Own Baby Comedy, the UK’s premier baby friendly comedy club which launched at Symphony Hall on January 24th. 

The opening event was a roaring success with Mums, Dads and little ones from around the region enjoying an afternoon of amazing comedy, with local acts Karen Bayley, who recently supported Joe Lycett on his UK tour, Josh Pugh and MC Chris Purchase.

The show will return to Symphony Hall on 12th March at 12pm with comedians Dana Alexander Harriet Dyer and MC Chris Purchase. Each show includes two acts, plus a compere, with a 15 minute interval, with the whole show lasting approximately 75 minutes.

Soft flooring, toys, buggy parking and baby changing are all provided so that babies are happy and parents can relax, have a coffee and be entertained. If parents need to whip out a bum (the babies please!) a boob or a bottle, please feel free and comics won’t mind being heckled by younger guests!

Bring Your Own Baby comedy was ‘conceived’ over a glass of wine, as friends and professional comedians Carly Smallman and Alyssa Kyria were discussing the world of comedy and motherhood.

Mum of one, Alyssa, who suffered with post natal depression after the birth of her daughter, was recounting how nervous she felt about going out with her baby and how she really needed a good old laugh! Would there be good facilities for a little one? Would people judge her for whipping out a boob or a bum?

Co-founder of BYOB, Carly Smallman said;

“Alyssa and I started BYOB when she was having a tough time after the birth of her daughter.  Since then we have wanted to share to laughter with as many new parents as possible.  Our first show at Symphony Hall was a huge success - we absolutely loved it, and loved seeing so many Brummie Mummies (and Daddies!) smiling, laughing and enjoying something just for them.  We are so excited to be bringing more shows to Birmingham and hope the word spreads!”

Programme Manager at THSH, Chris Proctor said;

“We were delighted to welcome Bring Your Own Baby Comedy to Birmingham for their first ever show in the city. We’re constantly looking for opportunities to welcome more people to our venues, and diversifying our programming offer, and this opportunity was too good to miss. From a personal perspective, having become a father for the first time in the last year, I was really taken aback by the approach that Bring Your Own Baby Comedy take towards these kinds of events – empowering new parents to get out and about and to have a bit of fun over a lunchtime - so the decision was an easy one to make! With the first show selling out, we’re very much looking forward to the upcoming shows in March and June, and to developing this new working relationship over the long-term.”

Town Hall Symphony Hall hosts a range of family events including the free monthly Midweek Explorer and Musical Picnic sessions. February’s Musical Picnic features Kora­ playing maverick Jally Kebba Susso who will take you on a journey into past, present and future with his wonderful 21­-string West African instrument.

Musical Picnic with Jally Kebba Susso will be on the Symphony Hall foyer on Saturday 9 February at 10:30am.

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy returns to Symphony Hall on Monday 12 March and 20 June at 12pm. Visit  or call the box office on 0121 780 3333 to book tickets.

*Please note: each comic will be performing their usual adult material, which is why there is a 12 month age limit for little laughers.


Thursday, 7 February 2019

#TBT - the first two months of being a mum, the first time around

For #tbt, I thought I'd share this post again from June 2013, when Ethan was just about to turn two months old. Sullivan is seven weeks old now himself, so it's really interesting looking back and reflecting on how I felt then, the first time around, and how my two baby boys compare...

A snapshot of Ethan's first eight weeks in the world

My baby boy will be eight weeks old this coming Sunday and I'm coming to terms he's no longer a newborn. I know he's still very young but the time has already come to pack away some of his first sleepsuits, as he only fit tiny baby clothes until just recently.

Weighing in at a healthy 9lb 9oz last Thursday, my little boy is growing up and already I'm facing the conflicting emotions of a new mum who wants her baby to remain tiny forever but also can't wait for the next milestone. We've already reached quite a lovely one - Ethan gave us his first 'real' smiles last week! He's always looked like a smiley baby but these smiles were different, in response to seeing mummy or daddy's face up close and often accompanied with 'ga' and 'goo' noises. Heart melting.

It's crazy to think he's almost two months old and whilst I can remember labour day clearly, it also feels like he's been here for much longer. Perhaps that's the sleep deprivation talking or the fact that we have taken over 1,500 photos of our little man already, not to mention videos of his flailing arms and hiccup fits (everything he does is just so cute).

The first week we perhaps took on too much, with visitors every day. I think we were quite rattled by our new addition and after week one we were shattered, so buttoned down the hatches and kept it just us three pretty much for week two. This was the best thing we could do; we knew beforehand that we should take it easy and not do too much too soon but we hadn't counted on my recovery being quite so painful. I developed an infection in my episiotomy wound but once I managed to get hold of some antibiotics, things started getting better and I could sit normally again. It made such a difference and it was like I was a new woman. Not as well as before birth but getting there.

The whole sleep deprivation knocked us for six, particularly as little man wanted feeding every two hours, day and night. My top tip to anyone who has a pregnant friend or family member is never utter the words 'you best get plenty of rest now, you'll need it!' This phrase is said all too often and makes the whole thing seem like a joke and having gone through it, I can tell you losing as much sleep as you do once baby comes along is no laughing matter. I had hallucinations and we both felt ill, we were that tired.

But thankfully, things have got better and we have been able to establish feeds every three, and sometimes four, hours now. Not great but certainly much easier, as it means there's one less feed during the night. We've also got over our addiction to Google; our main source of information whenever we needed to check if something was normal or if we were doing something right, which was pretty much every other minute. Sadly, we felt that the midwife care we received before, during and after birth left much to be desired and honestly, if we weren't as savvy as we are, we don't know how new parents are expected to cope.

We've survived our first trip away - down to Hampshire to visit my parents - and we got through a week where it seemed after every feed, Ethan was sick. We've been out to meet other mums for coffee and we even visited Twycross Zoo - it's been quite an eventful time for little man. 

In between, I'm trying to find a balance between having quality time at home, having cuddles, appreciating every moment, and getting out and about so that we get some fresh air and don't get cabin fever.

I'm not sure if it's even sunk in yet that I am a mummy. I certainly felt our connection grow with Ethan's first real smiles and I commemorated that day by getting a new tattoo (it was something I had been planning, but I spontaneously got it done there and then when I went to make an appointment). I chose a swallow, which is a symbol of love, family and loyalty, as they always return home, and I had the tattooist form the tail feathers into the shape of an 'E'. It's not everyone's 'thing', but to me, it's a permanent tribute to my beautiful son (he really is gorgeous, I know I'm biased but just look at him!).

My latest body art, still healing

We're all doing well and every day just gets better and better.Sure, the washing up piles up and simple tasks like having a shower are much trickier these days, but Ethan is simply wonderful and I am very, very proud to be a mummy. It could just be the best thing I ever do.

5 Ways to Keep Elderly Parents at Home as Long as Possible

The main reason that caregivers provide care for their elderly loved one is to help them stay at home as long as possible. The children of elderly loved ones have probably promised their parents that they would never put their parents in a facility and that they would keep them home. In addition to these promises, many children find that they cannot afford an assisted living facility. This is something that is quite close to my heart at the moment, with my Dad facing care needs of some kind in the near future.

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If your elderly parent or grandparent is safe, it is a great idea to keep them home and you provide the care that they need. However, it is important to realize that one of the most stressful and toughest things in your life will be caring for your loved one. Don’t be afraid to seek help from a senior care centre who can advise on many aspects of care. Many caregivers spend so much time caring for their loved one that they end up developing a serious health problem or get stressed out and burned out.

One of the most important things you can do to care for yourself while you are caring for your elderly loved one is to pace yourself. We have listed the top five things you can do to decrease your stress while caring for your loved one and keeping them home as long as possible.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Baby boy bargain clothes haul, February - Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons, Primark, Boots, Matalan and John Lewis!

Why is it that boys clothes often seem so unimaginative? Awash with greys and blues, and usually with a car motif, it really does seem to me that clothes for boys just aren't as interesting or fun as they could be, or as they are for girls.

Am I right?

Sullivan is my second boy and the problem now isn't much better than it was when I had Ethan, or when I shop for Ethan now. Go into many stores, and you'll see the girls' section is usually far bigger than the boys. Whilst pink still dominates quite often, clothes for girls seem to be more playful and they have far more clothing options; boys seem destined to wear joggers, tees and sweatshirts forever.

Of course, Ethan and Sullivan will wear joggers, tees and sweatshirts, but all I want is a bit of personality and something more creative than just block colours in the most obvious shades, and the odd giant slogan to try and pep things up a bit.

On a mission to inject some colour and something different into Sulley's wardrobe, now he's firmly in the 03 month category and will no doubt be in 3-6 months before I know it, I went to Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Matalan, plus Boots and John Lewis, in one day to see what I could find for my baby boy... without breaking the bank and trying to break from the norm just a little.

Here's what I picked...


Love these joggers and yellow is my fave colour - both £5 each


Lots of colours to choose from, £5 each

All £6 each


£8 for the three piece tiger set (good to mix and match with other items)


Dinosaur bottom joggers, about £6 I think

£8 for three tees

A bargain at £3


Each set was £12 I believe, but there's currently a buy one get one half price offer on


I love dungarees! These were £9

John Lewis

I was surprised at JL as I thought they'd be expensive - some things are, but generally the baby clothes are creative and a good price for good quality, these were £9

Love this print - comes in trousers and a dress too

Bargain in the sale, £5 for the pair

Where do you find is good for boys' clothes?

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

How Home-Based Business Mums Can Take Online Success to the Next Level in 2019

Countless thousands of mums throughout the United Kingdom have already embraced the concept of starting an online home-based business.  Not only does this venture provide a superior level of flexibility when compared to full-time office positions, but the shy is the limit in regards to the potential for success.  However, are you doing all that you can to expand and enjoy higher profit margins?  

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There comes a time when a business needs to broaden its horizons if it hopes to break through to an entirely new plateau. This is why appreciating the benefits of implementing an international ecommerce platform should be taken very seriously.  Why is this architecture central for success and what digital opportunities await?  Let's take a closer look at the answers to both of these important questions.


Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Sullivan so far - five week update

Our baby boy has just turned one month old and to us, it already feels like he’s not a newborn anymore.

Here’s an update on our Sullivan, at five weeks old:


Monday, 21 January 2019

How To Have An Amazing Family Holiday In Santorini

Santorini might be known for being a romantic island that honeymooners visit to have a relaxing break, but have you ever thought about taking your family there? You will find that Santorini is actually perfect for families because there are some great family orientated places to stay and lots of activities on offer to keep you all entertained. Here, we are going to give you some tips on how to have the ideal family holiday in Santorini. Keep reading to find out more.

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